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Season 3 of ‘Love, Victor’ Is A Very Bumpy Ride

Photo courtesy of Hulu and Disney Plus.


Love, Victor premiered its first season on June 17, 2020. The series follows Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) as he begins his journey to self-discovery. The third and final season premiered on June 15, 2022. Today, I wanted to talk about what happened in season 3 and my thoughts on everything that did happen. Let’s get into this.

I honestly don’t even know how to start this. This season was incredibly underwhelming to me. Before I get into the negatives, let me start with some positives.

This season wasn’t all bad thanks to Lake (Bebe Wood) and Lucy (Ava Capri). The writers knew what they were doing pairing these two together. I was so emotionally invested into their story and I’m so mad that we won’t see more of them. Hoping for a spin-off. Their chemistry was so amazing and the love they had for each other was so heartwarming.

I enjoyed Andrew (Mason Gooding) and Mia’s (Rachel Hilson) growth together and separately. Andrew was the best boyfriend to Mia. He cared about her so much that he gave up opportunities for his own future. 

Now, we can get into what I did love about this season. If you haven’t watched season yet, please stop reading now. I will be discussing major spoilers at this point.

I knew that Victor was going to end up at Benji’s (George Sear). I just knew it. There’s really nothing that’s unpredictable about this show anymore. There were so many messy storylines that I just absolutely hated. I didn’t like how they brought in yet another guy for Victor to get confused about. It just felt like season 2 but in a different font. The entire beginning of that relationship felt so forced and unnatural.

I was most excited to see Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) and Felix (Anthony Turpel) as a couple and I was so disappointed with where the writers ended off with them. They did them so dirty.

The series finale is something that disappointed me as well. It felt more like a season finale. There were so many plot points that weren’t finished and so many questions were left unanswered. I knew they were going to end with Victor and Benji on the ferris wheel but I did enjoy that parallel with Simon (Nick Robinson) and Bram (Keiynan Lonsdale) from Love, Simon.

This season felt like a repeat of past seasons. I do wonder if the series got renewed for a fourth season, if things would’ve gone differently. I found season 2’s storylines to be more engaging and better written. It’s just too bad because this season could’ve ended this show with a bang if the storytelling flowed better.



Love, Victor is streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus.

Creators: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger

Cast: Michael Cimino, George Sear, Isabella Ferreira, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, Rachel Hilson

Producers: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Nick Robinson

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