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3 Ways to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

Photo courtesy of Amar Preciado on Pexels.

I’ve lost count of how many Instagram accounts I’ve made over the last decade. Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform because it allows users to express their creativity and connect with people all over the world. I can say that I’ve learned 3 ways to grow and I want to share them with you today. Let’s get started.

Here are 3 ways to organically grow your Instagram following.

Engage with Your Audience

The first item we’ll be discussing is engaging with your audience. This is my number 1 tip to help with growth. Engaging with your followers can be as simple as liking one of their comments or replying to one of their comments on one of your posts.

Think of it as building a community, not a following. Sometimes follower counts consume us. We feel the need to have a large follower count but the truth is we really don’t.

The key is having a successful and thriving community is interacting with it.

DM Other Creators In Your Niche

The second item we’ll be discussing is messaging other creators in your niche. This goes along the lines with engaging with your audience because other creators might be apart of your audience and sometimes they might not be.

It’s also fun to interact with other people in your niche because you get to make some Internet besties.

Post on a Consistent Basis

The final item we’ll be discussing is posting on a consistent basis. I’m not talking about posting every single day. I’m suggesting to pick certain days of the week and post on those days. For me, I try to post 2-3 times a week between noon and 2 p.m when my audience is the most active. Try to cater your posting schedule to when your audience is the most active. If you find that your audience is the most active at noon on Wednesday, then post at time and on that day.

Consistency is key to growth because you give content for your audience to look forward to.

We’ve Made It to the Finish Line

Well, that’s it. I hope these tips help you on your Instagram journey. They’ve all helped me so I’m sure they’ll help you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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