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8 BookTubers You Need to Subscribe to ASAP

Photos courtesy of @saracarrolli, @alexafadeleyamoia, @aliigood, and @natalielawyer on Instagram.

Ah, BookTube. BookTube has become one of my favorite communities on YouTube similar to how Bookstagram has become my favorite community on Instagram. Today, I wanted to give you a list of my favorite BookTubers so you can add them to your subscription box. Let’s get into this.

Here are 8 BookTubers you need to subscribe to ASAP.

1. Sara Carrolli

Sara Carrolli is not only one of my favorite BookTubers but she’s my comfort BookTuber. She has such a genuine and down-to-earth personality and her videos radiate the best vibes. She’s one of the first BookTubers I subscribed to when I first started my reading journey back in October of 2022. Not only do her videos radiate the best vibes but her content is so creative. It amazes me what she creates with just books. Sara loves romance, fantasy, and thriller.

2. Alexa Raye

Alexa Raye is literally one of the sweetest BookTubers I’ve come across so far. Not only is her content fun and engaging but her down-to-earth personality is the cherry on top. She does reading wrap-ups, book recommendation videos, and videos with her husband as well. Alexa loves romance and fantasy.

3. JustAli

Just Ali aka Ali Goodwin is one of the first BookTubers I discovered during the beginning of my reading journey. I don’t remember exactly how I found her channel but I fell in love with her bubbly and kind personality as well as her creative content. Her videos are so entertaining and the concepts she comes up with amaze me. Ali loves romance and fantasy. 

4. Natalie Lawyer

Natalie Lawyer is a recent BookTuber I discovered by stumbling upon a video where she let BookTubers pick her reads for a week. I subscribed right then and there. I love the aesthetic of her videos but I also love her personality. Natalie is someone you can just easily relate to and she’s just cool. Natalie loves romance and thriller. The fact that she loves thrillers is one the reasons that I subscribed. There aren’t that many BookTubers who absolutely love thrillers except Sara and Caitlin Bea (who I will be talking about soon).

5. Steph Bohrer

Steph Bohrer is one of the original BookTubers. She was also one of the first BookTubers I found. I love the way she explains the premises of books in her book recommendation videos and monthly wrap-ups. You can tell how passionate she is about reading and I love that. I appreciate how real she is. She doesn’t shy away from being honest with her audience. Steph is a big romance reader so if you need good romance book recommendations, I’d subscribe to her.

6. Caitlin Bea

Caitlin Bea isn’t strictly a BookTuber but I want to include her in this because I adore her so much. She’s just cool and I love how honest she is when it comes to the books she reads. She also reads a lot of underrated books that you don’t hear about a lot on Bookstagram and BookTok which I love. Caitlin loves romance and thrillers.

7. Larry Reads

Larry Reads aka Larissa Cambusano is one of the BookTubers that I found after Sara, Ali and Steph. I found her by watching her book recommendation tag that she did. The tag was started by Steph but Larissa added her own questions which I loved. Her personality is so bubbly and she will have you laughing throughout the entirety of her videos. Larissa loves romance and we love that.

8. Julie Boni

Julie Boni aka @bookswithjb is a bookstagrammer and a BookTuber. The moment I found out she had a YouTube channel, I knew that I had to check it out. She has such a sweet personality and her bookstagram is full of the most aesthetically pleasing photos. Julie loves romance.

Time to Wrap It Up

I hope this helped you find some great BookTubers to subscribe to. They’re all awesome so I recommend subscribing to all of them. It’s so therapeutic watching and listening to people talk about books, especially the ones that they love.

Thank you so much for reading!

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