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Josh Gluck Wants Aspiring Musicians to Welcome Creativity with Open Arms

Photo courtesy of Josh Gluck.

I spoke with up-and-coming musician, Josh Gluck, about his career and what advice he has for aspiring musicians out there. Hope you enjoy our interview!


Here is my interview with up-and-coming musician, Josh Gluck.


Q1: Tell me a little about yourself.

A: My name is Josh Gluck! I’m a performing/recording artist, producer, and songwriter based out of Florida. The music I write falls under Alternative Soul but I write for other artists/entities in a bunch of different genres! I’m also dedicated to perfecting the perfect panini.


Q2: What made you want to be a musician?

A: When I was about 7, I saw some videos of Jimi Hendrix and felt like the world opened up in front of me. I was completely in awe by how he could communicate through music so I think that’s one of the earliest memories I have that inspired me to become one.


Q3: What do you love about being a musician?

A: I think one of the biggest is being able to communicate with people no matter what language barrier there may be between us all. The fact that music can help two people who don’t speak the same language communicate with each other, and sometimes even deeper than words, is so incredible to me.


Q4: Have their been any cool opportunities that have come your way since your started making music?

A: When someone from another continent messages me saying that my music has impacted them in some kind of way, I’m completely blown away every time. The fact that I’m able to have an impact on anyone in general, let alone someone on the other side of the world, means everything to me.


Q5: Any exciting projects coming your way in 2022 and beyond?

A: Stay tuned this week. That’s all I can say right now. Got a bunch of really cool plans set up in the coming months and I’m really excited to start playing these new songs at shows!


Q6: Who, what and/or where do you draw inspiration from to write music?

A: I really draw my inspiration from a lot of different places and it usually depends on the specific situation. A lot of times I look to nature, but sometimes I just look to the people around me and those that I care about.


Q7: What’s the recording process like for you?

A: Recording is wild because sometimes I’ll finish up a session in less than an hour and sometimes I’m locked in for 12 hours at a time. There’s really no telling what a session is gonna be like for me because I think it’s kind of unique to the specific song. But nonetheless, I treat recording time as a sacred space.


Q8: What genre(s) do you dabble in?

A: My music pulls influence from alternative, blues, soul, rock, funk, etc. Although, I have played in groups of just about any genre.


Q9: Tell me 5 artists who inspire you and tell me why they inspire you.

A: Jimi Hendrix, Chris Martin, Anderson Paak, Smino, and Yebba. I think something that ties them all together is that they pursue music for reasons bigger than themselves.


Q10: What is your advice to someone who wants to be a musician?

A: No idea is a bad idea. Welcome creativity and don’t ever be afraid to explore and adventure within music. Search for what feels most right in your soul and once you find that, run with it.



A big thank you to Josh for letting me interview him!

Please check out Josh’s website here.

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