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How ‘WandaVision’ Made Me Fall In Love with the MCU

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Before this year, I never had any interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I honestly didn’t understand the hype around it. I had Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney. I mean, why did I need to get involved with another major media franchise? I really didn’t. We can blame WandaVision for all this. I wanted to make a post about how this show made me fall in love with the MCU. Let’s get into this.

Discovering WandaVision

In January of this year, I saw that Marvel came out with a trailer for WandaVision. I was intrigued because of the concept of the show and it was very different from anything that I’ve seen Marvel come out with. I watched the first episode and I became instantly hooked. I watched Captain Marvel, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, basically every Marvel film you can think of. I solely wanted to watch the films that Wanda and Vision were in to learn more about their characters. Ultimately, I decided to watch a bunch of Marvel films which I don’t think I fully appreciated at the time until now.

After watching most of the films, I understood what was going on in WandaVision and man that show was an emotional rollercoaster.

After I watched the series, I was excited to watch the rest of the series and films that phase 4 had in store for us. I immediately fell in love with Wanda. After watching the Thor films, I fell hard for Loki. He’s my favorite MCU character.

Brief Interlude

I do want to mention that I did love some Marvel films before I really got into the MCU. I loved the Spider-Man films (both with Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland), Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man and I love them even more now.

My Verdict on the MCU (So Far)

I love the MCU. I love how rich the storytelling is with these shows and films. I love the actors that bring these characters that we love so dearly to life. I’m excited for what’s to come for phase 4 because I’ve been enjoying it so much.

I do wish I was more open to the MCU before WandaVision but I’m thankful for that show because I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

If you’re someone like me who didn’t or doesn’t have any interest in the MCU, watch WandaVision. I promise you will change your mind. It changed mine. Not to be dramatic but the MCU has changed my life this year considering all the stress I’m under and the life changes I’m facing.

I promise you will be seeing more MCU content on here.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading!

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