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Rating and Reviewing Every Book I Read In 2022

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I have never been a huge book lover. I always disliked reading whether it was for school or for pleasure. When Jennette McCurdy’s memoir was released, I knew I had to read it regardless of whether or not I like to read. I kept hearing all the rave reviews and that was it. I read the book in only one day. I opened a GoodReads account and started putting books on my shelf that I’d be interested in reading. Today, I wanted to rate and review every book I read in 2022. Let’s get started.

Here’s every book I read in 2022.

The Love Hypothesis


Would I be a liar if I told that I finished this book in 1 day? I wasn’t expecting to honestly. I thought that it would take me 2 or 3 days but no. I’m not going to lie to you. I was ready to give up on this book after 50 or 60 pages. It starts off pretty slow and draggy but just you wait. I lost my mind with the rest of it.

I enjoyed Ali Hazelwood’s writing style minus the big science words because I’m not knowledgeable about those words. I did notice a few spelling and grammar errors, unless they were intentional. Her tone is witty and paired with the right amount of realism. There were times when I laughed, cringed, screamed, and bawled my eyes out.

The chemistry between Olive and Adam was insane. I could visualize each scene of the two of them in my head. The words were jumping off the pages at times.

Rating: ★★★½




Beach Read


I read Book Lovers and I knew I had to check out another one of Emily Henry’s books. I gravitated towards this one because the story interested me.

I enjoyed it a lot. The chemistry between January and Augustus is what keeps you locked in. Palpable, tender, and evident with their very first conversation.

Henry knows how to write characters with depth and layers. Her writing style is distinct, simplistic, and detailed.

The book had its moments of slowness. There were points when I didn’t know if I wanted to finish it but that changed quickly.

There’s a lot of spice. A LOT. I wasn’t expecting it to be that much. I read The Love Hypothesis and that had spice but nowhere near the level of this. It was fine but if you don’t like spice, you may not like it.

Rating: ★★★½




I’m Glad My Mom Died


I did a full review on Jennette McCurdy’s memoir. I will say that this is the book that got me into reading which you know since I told you that in the introduction but it truly did. I’m very thankful for it. McCurdy’s uses humor as a deflecting shield when telling her story about trauma and the reality of being a child actor.

No Rating




Better Than the Movies


I found this hard to get into at the beginning of reading this because of the pacing. It was slow but picked up as the story progressed. I’m a sucker for romantic comedy films so this was right up my alley. It was full of predictability and clichés. There were scenes I didn’t expect to happen.

Once I got immersed in the story, I was hooked. Lynn Painter’s writing style is reminiscent of Emily Henry’s. Those simplistic yet detailed descriptions of settings and characters.

I loved Liz and Wes together and individually. I appreciated that they were nuanced and had depth. I think it would’ve been cool to learn more about Wes’ childhood considering that Liz was a big part of it. I would’ve liked to learn more about his parents.

Rating: ★★★★




Book Lovers


Oh my, where do I even start? I absolutely loved this book. What a dream. I loved that Nora wasn’t your average plucky heroine. She was witty, sarcastic, smart, and she had depth.

I especially loved the chemistry between Nora and Charlie. I loved that their relationship started as enemies to lovers but became much more than a romantic trope. I kept telling myself that I need a Charlie Lastra in my life while I was reading it.

This is the first book I read from Emily Henry. I immediately adored her writing style. It’s simplicity. Her tone is crisp and she writes with so much detail. You can tell how much heart was put into this.

I loved the rom-com feel and how it didn’t feel too predictable and cliché.

Rating: ★★★★.75




Red, White & Royal Blue


I told myself before I read this that I couldn’t read it in only 1 day. I needed to pace myself, you know? I read it in 1 day. 

I cannot tell you how hard it was to put this book down. Again, I’m a huge rom-com lover so this was right up my alley. It was everything.

I loved Casey McQuiston’s writing style. Their tone and style are simplistic but engaging.

The more I got into the story, the more I got hypnotized by it. The chemistry between Alex and Henry was off-the-charts insane. I loved that we got read about their individual lives such as their family and friends.

I’m so excited for the film adaptation but I’m also terrified that it won’t live up to the magic that is this book.

Rating: ★.75




The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo


I have no words. This book is an absolute masterpiece. The best one I read this year and the best book I’ve ever read (so far). I finished it in 2 days.

I knew I had to read this when I read the synopsis for it. It’s unlike any of the books on this list. It was different for me which is what drew me to it.

This is the first book I read from Taylor Jenkins Reid and I will be picking up more of her books. Her writing style is simplistic yet intricate. I loved her writing in this book. When we went from Monique’s POV to Evelyn’s. The transitions were so smooth and effortless. All the stories were separated by individual sections. There was never a time where I got confused or lost.

The story kept building, packing each sentence with more emotion and heartbreak. The twists had me gasping for air. I was crying my eyes out at this. This is first time I cried while reading a book. This one pulled at my heartstrings.

I wanted to search up Evelyn Hugo on Google so badly because she felt like a real person. All the characters did. I love that each character had depth and layers.

I related a bit to Monique because she started her career out as a freelancer and that she’s a writer.

Make sure to have a tissue box on stand-by.

Rating: ♾️★



That’s a Wrap on 2022!

I hope you got some great book recs from this list. I loved every book I read in 2022 (some more than others). I plan on reading a lot more in 2023. 

Do you have any favorite books you read in 2022? DM me on Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading!

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