Beginner’s Guide To Editing

The editing community on Instagram can be quite daunting and overwhelming when first joining. I remember when I first started. I had no idea what I was doing. I saw so many talented editors and continuously kept putting myself down. I still compare myself with other editors but I am proud of the content I create.


Anyways, I wanted to make a beginner’s guide to editing because it’s something I would’ve loved to have had when I first started out.



The first thing I wanted to discuss are apps. Apps are a big part of editing.

Here are the apps I use and apps that other editors use:

#1: Polarr: Polarr is where you can apply and create filters. You can adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast, HSL (hue, saturation, and luminance), and much more. Polarr is hard to get the hang of at first, like the other apps I use. You import filter codes into the app and save them as your favorites. You can find Polarr filters on Instagram accounts that post Polarr filters.

Price: Free

Here are some of my favorite filter accounts:

Account #1. @abesfilters

Account #2. @shitfilters

Account #3. @mysticfiltrs

#2. Phonto: Phonto is where you apply text to your filtered collage. You can also add images, shapes, and other things. You can download cool fonts here. Phonto has a bunch of fonts already preset in the app but I added a lot of fonts that didn’t come with the app from Dafont and Google.

Price: Free

#3. Picsart: Picsart is a digital artist’s haven. This is how I create the framework for my graphic edits. You can create color palettes which is color picking certain colors in the filter you picked to use for your edit. You can add overlays, cut out images, add images, draw, add effects to your images, and so much more. I love this app. It’s amazing to me how much you can create and do on it.

Price: Free

#4. Photogrid: Photogrid is where you create your collage. This is where you take the screencaps (will go into this in more depth) you filtered and put them in a collage. You can add up to 16 images in 1 collage. You can change the ratio, add a border/gridlines, and a lot more. I just use it for collage purposes.

Price: Free

#5. Moldiv: Moldiv is another app where you can create collages. I find it quite difficult to use. I feel like Photogrid is more user-friendly. You select the type of collage you want and place your photos in it. It’s a bit more restricting in that sense.

Price: Free

#6. Superimpose: Superimpose is where you can create manips. Manips are just multiple images blended together. I use the Linear Gradient masking tool to do this and just blend images together for an artistic look. You can merge images together, create masks, among other things.

Price: $1.99


#6: InShot: InShot is the main app I use to make video edits. You can trim, split, and delete clips. You can add music or audio. It’s a little hard to use at first and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. It’s a great app though. Most video editors I’ve run into use Adobe programs which cost money. InShot is awesome because it’s in the palm of hand.

Price: Free

#7: Video Star: Video Star is another app where you can create video edits. I mainly use it to change the pitch and speed for the song I’m using because my edit can get copy-written on Instagram if I don’t at least change the pitch.

Price: Free

#8: MEGA: MEGA is a storage app. I download mega links for scene packs from different Instagram accounts or Youtube. Scene packs are basically just a bunch of scenes of a character or couple from a film or show. I will make a tutorial on how to download mega links because it is confusing.

Price: Free

#9 Capcut: Capcut is similar to InShot as it can be used to make video edits. I use Capcut to add text to my edits. It’s user-friendly but I do wish it gave the option of uploading our own fonts to use and I wish it had more options for animation effects.

Price: Free



Next, I want to talk about screencaps. Screencaps are basically just screenshots from films and shows. I honestly don’t know why they’re called screencaps but let’s just go with it.

You may be asking me, so where do I find screencaps?

Here are some websites that you can find screencaps:

#1. Home of the Nutty: Home of the Nutty has screencaps from various films and shows. They are really nice quality too.

#2. Any streaming service (i.e. Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, etc.) I screenshot directly from the streaming services on my computer. I found it’s the easiest way to get my own screencaps and the quality is really good.

#3. Screencapped: Screencapped is home to screencaps from various films and shows. It works differently than the other 2 websites on this list. To get full access to their screencaps, you have to sign up to get zip downloads. Their screencaps are really nice quality. It’s kind of a pain going through thousands of screencaps to find certain ones you are looking for though.

#4. Kiss Them Goodbye: Kiss Them Goodbye is another site where you can find screencaps of various films and shows. If you click all galleries, it will take you to their tumblr and you can select what you want screencaps for. They also have another site called which is where they post screencaps from shows.


I know this a lot of information to take in but I hope that it was helpful and informative.


Thank you for reading!

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